Kids2 Creative

I drove creative direction and design for a variety of integated campaigns as part of the Kids2 in-house creative team.

—Print, Digital and Video
—Art Direction and Design
—Kids2 Creative Team

I was a member of the Kids2 in-house creative team for almost four years. One of my favorite parts of the job was helping shape the advertising and branding campaigns for the company's many ingenious products.

"Parent Hacks" video campaign

When it comes to keeping baby nearby, there’s nothing quite like the Ingenuity Inreach Mobile Lounger & Bouncer. I scripted, storyboarded and helped direct a series of playful web videos imagining how motivated parents might try to hack the problem of infant portability on their own terms—and the ensuing consequences.


The power of baby laughter

There’s no question: baby laughter has a unique power to brighten your day. To promote a new line of Bright Starts toys, I hatched the “League of Little Laughers” campaign which imagines babies as tiny super heroes, fighting adult stress and over-seriousness with their heart-warming giggles. Parents who submitted photos or videos of their laughing little ones were entered to win Bright Starts toys and limited edition “League of Little Laughers” onesies!


We took our message to a broader audience with the “Power of Laughter” digital and in-store campaign. I art-directed and designed all digital and physical assets for this promotion.


Oball "Happy Hands"

To help promote the Oball Go Grippers infant toy line, I helped craft the “Happy Hands” campaign with a set of video styleframes. The campaign celebrates the tactile exploration and imaginative role-play that’s unique to this developmental stage.


"Dinner Proof" Campaign

Forget the stress and embrace the mess with he wipeable, washable Ingenuity Smart Clean 3-in-1 Highchair! To help promote the product, I helped develop the “Dinner Proof” campaign concept, art-directing and designing all digital assets.